About Rantdroid

Rantdroid is a website which attempts to introduce an individualist angle into the current affairs debate, both in Britain and globally. We advocate a society in which the individual’s rights and freedom are the first priority. We are opposed to all forms of collectivism, meaning ideologies which define people by what group they belong to rather than their individual merit. This means we oppose discrimination such as racism and homophobia, as well as statist systems like socialism and communism that emphasise the group over the individual.

Some of the values we stand for include:

  • Minimal / Limited Government
  • Individual Freedom
  • Free Markets
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Deregulation
  • Property Rights
  • Meritocracy

As part of our commitment to these values we respect and defend the rights of those with whom we disagree to freely express their views and operate their lives and private organisations according to their own values.

We believe in a deregulated, laissez-faire society where any individual is free to act as they wish, associate with others as they wish and pursue any path in life they choose, restricted only by laws protecting the rights of others to do the same.